White Point Vodka

The perfect balance of sweet and peppery. That’s what sets White Point Vodka apart from the rest. Our farm-milled corn and wheat is distilled down to have a clean, crisp finish. Neat, on the rocks or mixed, White Point Vodka stands up to whichever serving style you prefer.

80 Proof


Carolina Reaper Pepper Vodka

100% corn vodka macerated with dried Carolina Reaper Peppers, the current spiciest pepper in the world. Coming from upstate South Carolina, this pepper is a hybrid of the Red Habanero and Ghost Pepper. The rich sweetness from the corn is quickly cut with a sharp, slightly lingering spice. Brace Yourself.

80 Proof


Jasper’s Gin

An American Style, wheat based gin that is juniper forward followed by citrusy and floral notes. Toasted coriander seed, bitter lime, and orange peel give it a bright citrus flavor, followed by an earthly floral finish coming from the ginger, angelica root, cinnamon, and star anise. This is the gin to your tonic.

94 Proof


Jasper’s Bourbon Barrel Gin

Jasper’s Bourbon Barrel Gin spends 6 months in of our used bourbon barrel...the perfect amount of time to mellow and pick up the characteristic sweetness from the barrel’s previous occupant. Floral on the nose with heavy notes of lemongrass and anise, this gin is extremely approachable, and can be enjoyed by itself or in your favorite classic gin cocktail.

80 Proof



Un-aged Whiskey Liqueur that has macerated for 6 weeks with fresh peeled ginger and cinnamon chips. It is then sweetened with a ginger-cinnamon simple syrup.

72 Proof


Vesey’s Bourbon

Aged for a minimum 4 years in White American Oak Barrels. Created from a mash bill of 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% rye, this bourbon is fantastic for sipping. By using winter wheat as the main secondary grain instead of the traditional use of rye, it creates a more mellow bourbon. Vesey's Straight Bourbon has notes of maple and dried fruit on the nose carry over into a palate filled with caramel and a pleasant robust oakiness. Finishing off with a slight hint of pepper and baking spices.

94 Proof


Calhoun’s Straight Rye

100 % Wren’s Abruzzi Rye mash bill. Aged at least 36 months in new White American Oak barrels. A very typical American Whiskey yeast, Red Star Yeast provides very deep, earthy flavors. Heavy barrel notes of baking spice and toffee make this a fantastic cocktail rye with a great peppery finish.

100 Proof


Calhoun’s Rye

100% Wren’s Abruzzi Rye mash bill. Aged at least 25 months in new White American Oak Barrels. M1 yeast is the original single malt Scotch Whisky yeast, giving a dried fruit and honey aroma. On the palate, rich barrel notes of maple and caramel follow, and finished with a traditional rye grain spice. We treat this as a sipping rye.

88 Proof